Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Losing the FSA bet...

I was worried that since we barely had enough medical expenses to cover the amount I set aside for the Flexible Spending Account in 2005.

I just collected our receipts for prescriptions and insurance claim forms with patient amounts due.  I hadn't even gotten to the dental receipts yet.

I'm already over the allocation I made for this year by nearly double!  Since we used the debit card until we ran up to the set-aside amount, I knew we had gotten there.  For all the work of collecting this stuff, I'm going to get a check for $1.62, as that's what is left "disbursable" on the account.  On the plus side, this is completely off my plate now, and I won't have to worry about frantically collecting receipts before the "use it or lose it" deadline in March.

For compeleteness, I filed the Dependent Care Spending Account reimbursement, too, so we should get that money back soon, too.
Tags: finances, medical

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