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Rough week?

Like my friend oddmix, not to mention a few of the rest of you, it was a difficult week for me, again.  Unfortunately, the last six weeks have been difficult.  Note to others:  don't break bones, especially bones critical to unassisted self-locomotion.  Noted?  Good.  Also, like oddmix, I had to take unplanned leave, this week.  Today I am home waiting on our electrical contractor to come finish their work.

Q is coming home from school at about 3 PM today.  He can't go to Ms. Raughton's today, and we'd have to pay extra for the afternoon at LVCA, so I'm going to call the school and ask them to just put him on the regular bus.

Electricians are gone...Guess I'll format prettypammie's thesis.

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    photognome died of heart failure yesterday. I don't have words right now.

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