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C'mon Virginia...

If New Jersey can get it right, the very least we can do is keep from getting it more wrong!

Please, fellow Virginians...even if you don't care one little bit about the candidates this year, even if you are busy, please find a way to get to your polling place or get your absentee ballot in and Vote NO on #1.

The latest poll reported in the Washington Post shows this question favored among "likely voters" 53 to 43, Statewide.  That's a huge gap for us to close in a short time.  We can't count on the Virginia or U.S. Supreme Courts to fix this if it gets passed.  We the people are the last line of defense.  The only way to close a 10 point gap with this little time to spare is if the right "unlikely" voters get motivated to show up.

If you are a Virginian, please vote.  If you know a Virginian, please ask for their support on this.
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