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Finally taking a day off

I banged my foot, stumbling over stuff in Q's room this weekend, setting me back pain-wise almost three weeks--and no doubt, healing-wise nearly as much.  It's so frustrating to be worried that each hill or flight of stairs--or even an obstacle on the floor--might reach out and grab me.  Gravity is always on.  Doubly so with crutches.  Having an immobilized ankle is also something like when your leg goes completely numb.  You can't do anything with it--but it's still there to get in the way.  I just got tangled up in a power cord when I tried to get more comfortable on the couch which will be my "nest" today.  Ordinarily, you'd barely even notice such a thing.  After all, it's just a flip of the ankle, and you are free.

I'm occupying the great room so I don't have to go up and down stairs for food breaks.  If it gets warm enough, I may go out on the deck and sit in the Air Chair with my leg up.

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