Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

I am Pitiful Petey: Hear Me Whine!

prettypammie is off horsing.

I am craving Pizza.

Papa John's, Vocelli, and Domino's all mock us because we are at least a twenty minute drive from their store-fronts.

I cannot drive.

The pizza stone has been missing forever--but I may just do my best with serious preheating, convection oven, lots of semolina and a cookie sheet...

See Pete...See Pete attempt to cook while on crutches.

Oh...Crud...What am I saying? I have basically nothing for toppings. Maybe I can make a lettuce, nectarine, and raisin pzza. No anchovies--but I do have goldfish [of the cheddar cheese-flavored cracker variety] .
Tags: silly pete, whinge

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