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Can't tell what's hands or de feet....

My foot still hurts and twinges badly when I even so much as think about moving it, despite the AirCast and Ace bandage.

My HANDS are deadly sore from the crutches.

My sides hurt from holding myself're not supposed to risk damaging the nerves or arteries in your armpits by resting on the crutches with them.

My left leg is worn out from awkward squats when I have to get down, standing on one leg, even with help, and the incessant hopping.

I did my best to stay in bed all day and recuperate--even so, I'm dreading tomorrow.

On the thankful list: family who is taking care of prettypammie's transportation needs, a new carpool-mate who is suddenly not getting to snooze on the way to work half the trips, as planned. Hopefully I can repay her with a few weeks of dedicated driving, when I'm able again; Q, who is being super-helpful whenever asked and doling out extra little boy hugs and kisses [is there better healing medicine? I know not of it], oh, and did I mention prettypammie who is waiting on me--quite literally--"hand and foot." Especially foot.

Okay, back to work for me--trying to get the barn financing applied for. We need more debt, after all.

Guess I need a new userpic....happypete on crutches...

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