Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Brief post-travel/post-wedding report

We are back from Sun Valley, Idaho. We were staying in Ketchum, and attended my cousin's wedding at the manager's residence of the Silver Creek Preserve. How did he manage such a coup? No, it was not from ridiculously large contributions to the Nature Conservancy [not that I'd discourage any of you from that course of action]. His new bride is the preserve's manager.

So, "mad props" to madbodger and/or fizzygeek. We're back in Virginia and the kitties were hale and hearty and had obviously been well-attended-to. Friends who will look after your kitties on short notice? Priceless!

I felt like we should get an "I flew on 9/11" T-Shirt, or something. It would hardly be an exclusive memento, though. Both our planes were packed. SLC and BWI looked extremely busy, nigh-jammed with travellers.

The wedding was splendid. The rabbi was affable, and struck the right balance between celebration and solemnity. The invitation said "rain, wind, or shine." We got two out of thre; luckily, it was the dry tuple. It was simply gorgeous. Check my scrapbook for pictures--I believe prettypammie has uploaded and tagged some, but has not yet posted them.

Another cousin announced he and his new bride are pregnant--though they respectfully waited until at least the day after the wedding to start spreading the news. I got to meet the mom-to-be this weekend. Her six-year-old and Q and two 5 1/2 year-olds spent the entire reception racing around the property playing tag and hide-and-go-seek. Yes, Q slept well last night. Despite the time difference (Mountain time there vs Eastern, here) and late nights of celebrating all weekend, he went to bed with minimal fuss tonight. I think we wore him out, poor kid--at least he had a good time!

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