Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Voice Post: Goodbye Dolly Madison!

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“Well, we spent the whole weekend packing and moving and packing and moving. And with help from Seain who is, um, dcseain on livejournal and John who is oddmix on wordpress or oddmix_wp, uh, syndicated here on LJ, um, yesterday...and also Ench and Willy, um, who came over and unloaded for us and John did his masterful thing with the trailer turning around thing.

Everybody got to see the house and Quinn got to play with um, uh C and, um, A who are children of aforementioned John and Willy. And um....blast, what else? Um...brainlock!

Ummm...and then today we didn't have helpers so much because of scheduling conflicts so I went over to get all the stuff then I rushed Pam out the door so we could actually meet, um, John and crew before they had to leave yesterday. was brutish and horrible and if my dad hadn't come to save me I would still be working at it another couple hours.

Allright, I'm rambling in a livejournal phonepost and I know that's just not to be done because no one will transcribe it but, well, anyway, it's okay, those of you who are listening who would normally transcribe stuff, but you can just stop off, you have my permission.

I may sit down later and transcribe some of this or just make a sepearate post later. Um, I don't know. Tired.

Okay, well, at least I'm not lost looking for Home Depot or on the way back from Home Depot. Now I really am just rambling. Okay. Bye.”

Transcribed by: blueingenue
Tags: yakking

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