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Latest House Pictures!

This is prettypammie posting as happypete, who has gone off to dig a trench.

Wall CoveringWall Covering
Wall Covering

Q's room, back of house. Our trim carpenter had to cut a hole in the drywall bc the HVAC contractor didn't register the fact (in spite of our telling them) that the space in there isn't insulated. Now they have to come back and wrap the ducts.
Wall Covering

Q's room, side wall. It occurred to me (Pam) that we need to buy closet doors before too long.
Wall CoveringWall Covering
Wall Covering

Front room
Wall Covering

View of loft area, that's the MBR on the left
TubWall Covering

You can't see it well in this picture, but a lovely beam of light was coming down from the skylight and lighting up the MBA. I really love that skylight.
Wall Covering

Inside of prow - the log siding is going up!
Wall CoveringPropane tank access
Wall Covering

Library - the column is drywalled in.
Propane tank access

Our propane tank has been buried
Area where propane tank was buriedAC units
Area where propane tank was buried

I put down grass seed and watered.
AC units

Roofing on bay windows closerRiding arena
Roofing on bay windows closer

"medium brown" or "medium bronze" or whatever it was clearly was the correct choice! I made this decision based on the description of the roofer and some vague "swatches" online.
Riding arena

I wanted something large enough for cantering and small jumps - so this is our 100x140 foot arena. It may look a little larger than it really is, since there was some grading down around the sides to cover the septic distribution box, etc.
Septic ventsRiding arena
Septic vents

We'll have to fence these off.
Riding arena

Here is the view that Pete wanted, with him in the far corner. Our lumber is visible down to the left, as well. The dirt is beautifully packed; it makes me inclined to spend more $ putting at least a good base down on it.
View from riding arenaRiding arena
View from riding arena

back toward house. Just because. No good reason. Rather a lot of lens flare.
Riding arena

This unpacked part will actually go back to being pasture. It will be the entry to the near paddock.
View across riding arenaView of lower paddock and lower corner of property
View across riding arena

Again, this non-packed part is past the end, I think.
View of lower paddock and lower corner of property

What looks like tall grass (the yellowish stuff) is where I couldn't mow close enough to the silt fence. Can't wait to get off that grading bond...
Septic areaView of riding arena from driveway
Septic area

View of riding arena from driveway


We had it sprayed for broadleaf. We were warned that it might turn rather brown, being sprayed at this time of year. However, I think the spray did its job, bc the grass looks quite nice. Even if it _is_ fescue.


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