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Happy's rant

[15:39] HappyPete: so
[15:39] HappyPete: freaking
[15:39] HappyPete: tired
[15:39] HappyPete: of the
[15:39] HappyPete: bullshit
[15:39] Michelle: ?
[15:40] HappyPete: long nasty evil day
[15:41] HappyPete: if I had a spare erg of energy I'd post about it
[15:41] Michelle: :-(
[15:42] HappyPete: just sucks
[15:42] HappyPete: political issues
[15:43] HappyPete: technical issues
[15:43] HappyPete: personality issues
[15:43] Michelle: suck
[15:43] HappyPete: all turning a ridiculous but possible technical request
[15:43] HappyPete: into an impossibility
[15:43] HappyPete: and after I've invested substantial time and energy into making it happen
[15:44] Michelle: eek
[15:44] HappyPete: despite the ridiculosity
[15:44] HappyPete: So, tell me, how long does it take to order a T1 circuit and add it to an existing Frame Relay cloud hosted on a Tier 1 backbone provider's network
[15:45] HappyPete: Answer: 30-45 days.
[15:46] HappyPete: I was an hour and a couple of phone calls away from making it happen in 10, when someone's screw up in a completely different department soured the relationship with the integration vendor that was making it happen, causing the manager to issue a "stop work" to my sales engineer
[15:47] HappyPete: by the time we got everyone's feather's unruffled, we had missed the window for ordering--thereby incurring about $2,000 in happy money costs to the integration vendor and $2,000 in additional order expedite costs
[15:48] HappyPete: to the backbone provider
[15:48] Michelle: wow
[15:48] HappyPete: and the whole deal went out the window, leaving us screwed, with almost a week's less time to come up with an answer
[15:49] HappyPete: I told them last Thursday making it happen would be a miracle.
[15:49] HappyPete: Now I'm telling them it just won't happen.
[15:49] HappyPete: but I'm used to making the miracles happen, so I'm very frustrated
[15:54] HappyPete: Sorry for venting...needed another techie's shoulder to cry on
[15:54] Michelle: it's ok
[15:54] Michelle: i wish i could say more!
[15:54] HappyPete: and Pam qualifies, but I vented at her already
[15:54] HappyPete: maybe I should just post this as my LJ post on the whole subject

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