Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Information Overload

I have 419 unread e-mail messages in my gmail inbox--and that's after I filter mailing lists to skip the inbox entirely--I won't even count the unreads in those labels--it's in the thousands...47 in my work inbox. I've stopped even checking my [99.9% spam, and I haven't configured a decent server-side spam solution] and yahoo accounts. About 50 of those unread messages are condolences from you guys on the loss of sew_200e's, my dad's, and (originally and finally) my cat, Tugger. I know he was old for an outdoor cat, and there's no doubt he had a great life. He was rescued off the street from a litter of semi-abandoned kittens--instead of becoming feral or aloof, I think he was grateful to the people in his life. Whenever he could, he would sleep across an arm.

In any event, I will answer all of you who cared enough to express your love and condolences--this is not a mass acknowledgement, just an acknowledgement that I have become overwhelmed both in general and specific, and it will take me some time to dig out.

Today: off to the house to meet with the electrician, the trim carpenter, and to take more pictures.

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