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Can't sleep... - A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life [My Flickr Photos]
March 24th, 2006
01:48 am


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Can't sleep...
...so I'm trying to save off Pam's Dr. G's on to DVD to make room on El TiVo.

Two coasters, a break to watch Reality Bites in NRT, and a restart later, I think it'll be good this time.

It was Winona Ryder of course, that is responsible for the DVD burning capability starting to work again. She's good like that.

While the TiVo is awesomely cool and all that, when it barfed and said that it failed saving to DVD because of "an internal system error," I was simply dying to look at /var/log/messages to see OMGWTFBBQ its problem was

I should have just rolled my own DVR like all the cool kids at Battlefield Systems did.

Speaking of rolling, it's time to roll Q out of my spot in the bed and tuck him in to his covers, so I can get some zzzzzzzz.

Note that despite the fact that I am giddy with exhaustion, I used "its" and "it's" correctly in this post without having to go back and correct myself. Don't try this at home.

Current Mood: awake

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Date:March 24th, 2006 01:02 pm (UTC)
Melissa and Jim met yesterday. Melissa felt very comfortable with him and really liked him. He is going to build 6 homes for her. :)
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Date:March 24th, 2006 01:04 pm (UTC)


I think they'll make a good team.
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Date:March 25th, 2006 03:52 pm (UTC)
Yeah, a Mac Mini makes a great EyeTV box.
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Date:March 25th, 2006 04:11 pm (UTC)

When we finish the big house project

I may investigate my options...
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