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Sick + Insomnia + Down Server

I should have gone in last night, but just didn't have the cycles.

Alarm is set for 4:15.

I'm so tired.

This is our test server, and we're in the User Acceptance Test phase--it might as well be production. Every lost day counts. Luckily it went down after the testers were done for the day, and so long as I rock to it, it will be up before they're in.

I guess I'm having allergies, because whatever I have isn't acting like the flu, nor a goopy nasty sinus infection. It could be an old-fashioned rhinovirus. It sucks.

Oh, hey, Brianne won the Maclay. I guess that's old news to anyone who actually follows equitation in "real-time," but it was pretty cool. I'm not a horse person, I'm just married to one--but I have to admit that this sport is pretty cool. This "big, old guy" isn't going to suddenly start trying to compete jumping horses. Who knows, maybe Q will be in to it. Pam may do some showing or competing--once she has some of that "spare time" stuff. Where can I pick that up?

I'm really torn. We can get prime - 1.5% for six months and pull out some extra equity from our Herndon house. It would give us the cash I need to move forward with increasing our existing construction line. Pros: I can just turn off all the other bankers that are working the problem and move on. Cons: What if we run into more overruns? I can't dip in to that well again. Our next option would be to do something drastic like exercise and sell off some or all of our vested stock options.

I recognize that I'm in analysis paralysis; I need to get un-stuck and move on to my next parametric trade study: Choosing a propane tank vendor and propane delivery service.

Pictures: I've taken more, but neither prettypammie nor I have had the spare cycles to pull them down from the camera and up to teh interweb. Stay tuned, faithful readers.

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