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Sick + Insomnia + Down Server - A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life [My Flickr Photos]
March 9th, 2006
01:47 am


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Sick + Insomnia + Down Server
I should have gone in last night, but just didn't have the cycles.

Alarm is set for 4:15.

I'm so tired.

This is our test server, and we're in the User Acceptance Test phase--it might as well be production. Every lost day counts. Luckily it went down after the testers were done for the day, and so long as I rock to it, it will be up before they're in.

I guess I'm having allergies, because whatever I have isn't acting like the flu, nor a goopy nasty sinus infection. It could be an old-fashioned rhinovirus. It sucks.

Oh, hey, Brianne won the Maclay. I guess that's old news to anyone who actually follows equitation in "real-time," but it was pretty cool. I'm not a horse person, I'm just married to one--but I have to admit that this sport is pretty cool. This "big, old guy" isn't going to suddenly start trying to compete jumping horses. Who knows, maybe Q will be in to it. Pam may do some showing or competing--once she has some of that "spare time" stuff. Where can I pick that up?

I'm really torn. We can get prime - 1.5% for six months and pull out some extra equity from our Herndon house. It would give us the cash I need to move forward with increasing our existing construction line. Pros: I can just turn off all the other bankers that are working the problem and move on. Cons: What if we run into more overruns? I can't dip in to that well again. Our next option would be to do something drastic like exercise and sell off some or all of our vested stock options.

I recognize that I'm in analysis paralysis; I need to get un-stuck and move on to my next parametric trade study: Choosing a propane tank vendor and propane delivery service.

Pictures: I've taken more, but neither prettypammie nor I have had the spare cycles to pull them down from the camera and up to teh interweb. Stay tuned, faithful readers.

Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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Date:March 9th, 2006 04:04 pm (UTC)
Having been in construction hell here for the past 3 years on our building, I can understand your analysis paralysis. But, for simplicity's sake:

1) There will be cost overuns. There always are cost overuns.

2) There will be unforseen problems. Nothing EVERY goes smoothly or to plan, really. If it looks too good to be true, it is and you're missing a fatal flaw.

3) Until it is inspected, the job is not done. Don't trust contractors, your structural engineer or your architecht to have you best interest in mind. The longer the job drags out, and the more mistakes that aren't caught until the inspection the more money they will make.

4) Zoning Boards are the worst pain in the world when doing construction, followed by city inspectors of any kind and then dealing with utility companies.

5) If the zoning board approves something, it does not mean you are safe. They *may* change the ruling down the road, especially if membership of the board changes, the next time you need a new permit of some sort. They may also change the zoning rules any time they darn well please, in reaction to other construction or events ongoing around you.

6) Don't presume you can earn back or pay back quickly any debt you take on for a construction project. There will be unforseen cicumstances.

I went into our construction project assuming the original estimates were wrong. I assumed that the numbers and time we were told were off by at least 25%.

2 General contractors, 2 plumbers, 2 electricians, 3 carpenters, 1 mason, 1 archictect, 2 structural engineers and 3 years later I was proved to not be pessimmistic enough on any of my assessments. Since I was the pessimist on the condo board meetings when we started, this is bad.

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