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Minor scrubbing

I scrubbed a few journals off my friends list, something I rarely do.  This has largely to do with the recognition that I am completely out of time, energy, "spoons," if you will.  In most cases these are from the subset of folks who either never reciprocated when I added them, or took me off in list parings of their own.  Thus, most of them won't read this entry--or they may come by if they note that I removed them.  Regardless, it probably won't reduce my LJ reading load any.  Another group are people that stopped updating months or years ago, and may well have left LJ altogether.  The semantics of the "friends" list notwithstanding, there was no malice in this cut, only "housekeeping."  Hopefully we'll meet again in some other space, some other place.  If any of you who I cut are in the category of "lurkers" who still read their friends page but no longer update, and you are interested in continuing to read, please drop me a comment here or an e-mail offline.

For the rest of you who "have been and ever shall be [my] friend:"  Yay!  I love you all.  Please, stay out of the irradiated warp cores, allegorical or otherwise.  They are bad for you.

--Pete, who is procrastinating transcribing his voicemails and setting up his to-do list for tomorrow.
Tags: friends, metajournaling

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