Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

2006 Feb 26

[Woke up 13 minutes before we had to be "wheels up" to get Quinn to school on time]

Diet coke with Lime

Beef bologna & Pepper Jack Cheese sandwich with lettuce, mayo, and mustard.
Three more slices of Hoffman's Pepper Jack on the way out the door because, well, it's that good...

Snack 2
Notice that there's still a half bag of Guacachips left open on my desk from Monday.  Yum.

"Snack" 3
[Race downstairs as the nice Japanese ladies are locking up the cafeteria downstairs.  Beg forgiveness.]
Diet coke...wait for it...with Lime

[Darn.  I knew I forgot something.  It's too late to eat; I guess it will have to be...]

I guess today is one of those "thank Ghu for substantial fat reserves" days?

Oh, since I know you want to know--no tardy slip for Quinn; I imagine he thought that his dad was practicing for his NASCAR debut, though.


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