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PSA: Do any of you receive paper check payments from people via Checkfree? can sign up at as either an individual (personal) or merchant (business) ACH deposit setup FOR FREEEEEEEEEEE...

No more paper checks * poof * money just goes quietly from their bank account from your bank account like the good little money it is.

I'm touting this because there is something wrong with the post office where we board our horse.  The checks NEVER get there when they are supposed to, and we have to write paper checks to not be late, and then wait to get our money back.  [Checkfree withdraws the money from our account on the day the check is supposed to get there, regardless of whether the recipient has received in and cashed it].  It didn't used to be this way--in the days before Check 21 if they sent a paper check it acted...I dunno...just like a paper check--money was withdrawn when the payee deposited it, and not before.

I don't know why it took a massive RANT on my part to get them to cough that URL up.

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