Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

I needed a scanner...

So much of my stuff is in storage, and some of the people who are sending me documentation are old-fashioned sorts that send hard-copy in the mail. Without a scanner, getting it in to soft-copy for "eFaxing" or e-mailing would require me to take it to work and fax it to my eFax number or some other such hack...I don't do that because (a) it's misusing work stuff and (b) once I move something from A to anywhere not-A, it increases the chance of it getting lost dramatically ...because, well, things that I carry around disappear. It's true. Just ask prettypammie anyway, I went out to dinner w/my friend DS from Ann Arbor the other night [he works in the area most weeks] and bought an Epson CX-4210 "all-in-one" after dinner.

It prints so beautifully--color pictures, too, and scans quickly, intuitively, and well, and the copy function is "push-button" easy.

I can print my postage again without worrying that the label sheet will jam up or mis-feed, costing me time [mailing off for a refund] and money in spoiled postage. The paper-feed guide slides to the right enough to insert envelopes on the short edge, which the postage software ( requires. The old Canon BJ-20e borrowed from dad and sew_200e only permits envelopes to be fed long-edge...Fine for printing addresses on envelopes, but unusable for printing postage.

That BJ-20e has had a good life, but it's time to retire it. I may retire the creaking, old, jam-ridden laser printer that we own in storage,'s not good enough to put up with, and not fast enough to be worth diagnosing it's electromechanical issues.

Okay, I'm an uber-geek, and I can make any horrible interface work no matter what...but I've found as I get ummm...less young [I wrote older, but it squicked me to say it] that "the trill is gone." I like easy, fast, simple, with quality. Cheap is still a nice-to-have, but time is most precious. This Epson gadget has the favorable attributes I require in sufficient quantity.

QUANT SUFF! Most scientific!

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