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Hey, christilyn... [and other friends]

Check your memories and beliefs about the Challenger disaster against this article

christilyn reminded me else-journal that she and I were watching. I recall that we were not watching on CNN or network TV, but rather watched on the NASA Channel, one of the few good channels that were on [whatever cable company was called cable back then--has it been Cox all along?]. I seem to remember watching uninterrupted, live, from before liftoff through the event. But we also established that her memory is much less porous than mine. I know that with my [Big Blue Shuttle Book Of Copious Drawings and Facts] it was my habit to watch every launch I could, following the countdown against the baseline the book provided. I remember thinking during those launches that I could have done as good a job as the launch commentators--but that I'd much rather me one of the engineers in Mission Control...and even more than that, would rather be one of the astronauts.

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    photognome died of heart failure yesterday. I don't have words right now.

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