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Photos from the house site

Barn Site Barn Site

Looking from the future riding ring towards the woods
The field The field

Looking from near the driveway near the barn across the field. Note the pile of logs that will soon become a house.
Front of house Front of house

That stake is where the "prow" of the house will be.
House site House site

Looking down into the hole in the hill.
Pete and Randy consider the driveway Pete and Randy consider the driveway

Our excavator, Randy Mills, is showing great attention to detail to our engineering plans, combined with common-sense tactical changes based on what the engineer doesn't see, looking at a topo survey.
The view down the hill The view down the hill

This is what you would see stepping out the basement door in the Fall.
View from the house View from the house

Pretty soon there will be a house in the way of this shot.
Another view Another view

This coming week: foundation!
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