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XSL Hell--light at the end of the tunnel may not be train; other news

Happy Birthday to puzzledance's LJ-less husband, purveyor of XSL-y goodness.  Between his solution and what I learned from fiddle_dragon as she gnawed away on this with and for me until late-late-late last night, and some tips from my friends J & T in Eau Claire, and some tidbits from others of you, I learned enough XSL over the last two days to be dangerous...and my transform work to place the needed value in the correct place.  Of course I found that I had over-simplified the problem statement, so puzzledance's sweety's transform didn't work out of the box.  It took me a while to learn the other techniques I needed.  Unfortunately, I didn't get it finished fast enough to wrap it into our export-processing Perl script and test it, so, sadly, I'll probably still get paged at 0-dark-30 this morning.

I then spent this evening racing home to get Q fed, racing to swimming lesson, getting home, and paying bills and processing paperwork related to getting the vendors building our house paid out of the construction line.  In the middle of this, I did get to talk to prettypammie.

Pam's been up in New Jersey attending H's wake and funeral, and--along with godfatherur--helping her friends M & G with IT support.  There's not much you can do or say to console a person in this situation.  M was the driver of the van, she was, herself, pretty badly injured, H was her friend, employee, and god-daughter all in one.  Pam and godfatherur figured that if they can at least help keep the business's computer infrastructure on an even keel, they're doing something practical to help our friends in a time of great grief.

I'm holding down the fort here at home.

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