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Overstuffed weekend and some discussion of gravity

Each of these items deserves its own post, but I doubt I'll have time to get to them all.

  • This morning, Holly died
  • Yesterday, went flying with sdw.  Tried to see the property from above.  Night-time close-pattern work.
  • In the afternoon, Saw Cavalia with prettypammie
  • Shopping and errands yesterday with prettypammie and Q
  • Also saturday, went out to see the property and talk to the excavator.  [Pictures forthcoming]
  • Talked to friends a bit, snippet below.

happypete: what's up?
[a friend]: Up is the direction usually associated with the direction that is opposite the local pull of gravity.
happypete: heh
[a friend]: can you think of anything else to make that statement more accurate? the last thing I added was "local"
happypete: Well there are some that say that gravity doesn't actually "pull" you...
[a friend]: there is that
happypete: So you could say that up is the direction opposite the local gradient induced by the net repulsion of the rest of the universe upon you, as mediated by distance and intervening matter.

EDIT: In other news: "freshly shaved" becomes "annoyingly stubbly" too damned fast.

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