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Read this, for some interesting commentary on the great "finding vs. looting debate."

[EDIT: additional information, including the source of the "looting" photo; yes, the photographer witnessed and described actual...wait for it...LOOTING!]

I think we can put to bed whether or not the two light-skinned people in the Agence France picture were looting or, as he put it, "finding." The first-person account of the photographer pretty much says it all.

I agree, though, that the other picture--nearly identical--that accuses the dark-skinned man in the picture of looting could easily have been the same situation. What I don't have, in this case, is the context from the photographer or other witnesses. Just as one photographer reported exactly what he witnessed, in context, this other might have--or he might have leapt to an unfounded conclusion.

I'm doing something unusual for me and disabling comments--if you really want to discuss this issue with me from either side, I'll be glad to do so in e-mail or over the phone.

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