Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Survived the big demo

Since Wednesday, prettypammie and I have done almost nothing but prepare for a demo to a potential client community. We first heard about it Wednesday night. Honestly, at first it didn't seem like we were going to get the green light--there was too little time, and too many variables, and all of the original players were on vacation or unavailable.

Finally [Pam comes upstairs. Time elapses.] Where was I? Train of thought derailed. Anyway, oh, yes...the long and the short of it is that Pam simply took the initiative and went to one of our offices where the practice management was going to be. She camped out in the lobby with her laptop, lying in wait for our Group Vice President, our practice director, and another group lead. She pounced on them as they were travelling from one meeting to another and got their commitment for us to pursue the work.

I was trapped in the data center, and came up for air to get the page that we were a go. I dropped everything and started collecting the college hires that our recruiting lead had identified and we went to town. Somewhere in there, we notified my parents that we were going to be late. We took one last stop for relaxation, joining some of the team for drinks and conversation--it was notionally the Ultimate Frisbee team happy hour, but Stuff Happened and almost none of the team made it before the line got so long that there was no way anyone else was getting in.

Long story short, we worked the rest of the week, and the weekend, and today...and pulled it off. Corporate core value: Great Team! Oh, did I mention that the super-genius that dreamed this thing up was in vacation in Hawaii the whole time and had only a little time to consult with us.

Anyway, this is HPTi, this is what we do.

prettypammie got out of the demo, picked up Quinn, and spent a little quality time this afternoon. We can't have ice cream in the house--too much of a temptation for the folks trying to lose weight. Quinn and I went to drop off a scratched movie and get a replacement and we each got a cone at 31 Flavors afterwards. Mmmmmm....I got a grown-up movie, too--okay, it was a little juvenile: "The Girl Next Door"--that i watched after the boy went to bed.

Okay, time to do my timesheet. Oy!

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