Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

For mama_hogswatch, geminigirl, owenthomas, and pzyok [m

Seeming ages ago (November, 2004) there was a meme where, if you replied to my post about it, I was to post about what was cool about you.

One thing that's not cool about Happypete is "punctuality," at least when life overruns him.

mama_hogswatch: You were a great 'banner-carrier" for a nascent community of polyamorists, and your "Poly Misanthrope" column always reminded us of the need to reflect on--and perhaps repent and reform from--the "down-sides" of ethical non-monogamy, at least as practiced by some. You have been a good friend and correspondent--I'm sorry I haven't always held up my side of the deal.

geminigirl: Thanks for your hospitality on my way to and from Virginia via DC. You obviously have a generous soul--and you are quite fun to chat with.

owenthomas: You are the Guru of Grammar. Pretty much everyone knows all about my super-genius little brother. I'm really proud of you. Pam and I are so happy that you and Uncle Greg are in our lives. Keep up the great self-transformational work--going to have to get around to it myself, again, shortly.

pzyok: You know that I appreciate your willingness to shepherd a visitor to Huntsville around to the haunts of the Huntsvillian LJ-ers. I've always appreciated your optimism and your determination to keep on trying for better and more success in your life. I think you're on to something good, now, and I really hope it continues to work out.

Okay, I owe several more thoughts, but I'm exhausted from our WV vacation, so I'll leave the star on my Gmail and keep working on the rest later!

  • Blending in

    When W gets back to us from Tennessee, this young pup will be joining us, becoming a Livestock Guardian Dog for the chickens.

  • Peeking out

    We're looking forward to meeting her, too.

  • New contact picture

    I think Pam's not trained to react to the back side of a phone the same way one responds to a camera.

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