Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas


Help me...It's my birthday tomorrow and I don't know what I want. I was a selfish brat and bought my own new telephone, because, well, I needed it badly, my old phone was going down hill, as was my old PDA...but, that was really all there was on my "toy list."

Books..there are always books...

Or maybe a certificate redeemable for a Night Out At The Movies...we're down to pretty much one movie a year now--if it ain't Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, it pretty much doesn't make the cut--and we haven't gone to see Star Wars Ep3 together yet.

Okay, I'll now admit my movie larceny--I went to see ep3 with my coworker because he and I were bored and had to wait several hours for the database folks to finish their conversion before we could get back to work...I don't know how to break this to wombat1138, to me...not of the good. Thankfully, the special effects were dazzling, which is ILM's job, so she and they did it well...I'm sure Quinn will like it later. Bad happypete--if the movie were better, I'd feel worse; I think prettypammie will forgive me.

I hope.

Maybe I should put "movie larceny amnesty" on my birthday list?

I could also try the "Puss (in Boots) Big Eye" trick--but somehow prettypammie seems to have become largely immune to its effects.

* big eye * blink * blink *
Tags: birthday

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