Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

not dead...

today--server crash; "not dead yet," creative on-site Sun guy willing to get the job done while account reps wrangle over "waivers" and my Sun-fu...'tis a goodness. Some people think I'm "just an MS weenie" because I took all their MCSE and MCSD tests; I cut my teeth on UNIX. My first computer was an Apple [ II+, that is ... pre ctrl-reset hw mod release; soldered that in; pre lower-case chip--dad helped me solder that in]. I've programmed an iron core memory spaceborne on-board computer. In the CHS-1's assembler. By hand.1

Anyway, that shot my day, as I had a full day of work to do on my other program. Didn't get home until 9. Ate. Did some book-keeping chores. Got to talk to prettypammie, but not Quinn...

Had/have to do performance review inputs, but my brain was/is fried and I can't do it justice.

Skimmed back on the LJ flist...wish I could comment as much as y'all deserve.

We have an earthen driveway for the house. Gravel tomorrow.

1No, I did not fly up and flip cores...I mean I hand-simulated the behaviour of my assembly code...paper...pencil...sweat...did I mention the deadline to get the code written and peer-reviewed before the 2nd to last pass before the event? [only an idiot plans to use the last pass. things happen...]

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