Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas


I hate being late. I hate forgetting things and I hate hate hate losing things.

I have my new PocketPC phone. I just swapped out my broken Jabra Bluetooth headset for one that doesn't get crackly at 3 feet away. I was so happy--going to charge the little puppy all the way up tonight and just use it forever with love and glee.

Well, somewhere along the line, the charging adapter--which detaches from the power cord and doubles as the belt clip--for the headset must have dislodged from my belt. I think I know when--I heard an otherwise unexplained "pop" when I sat down in the car, which I figured was just me bumping something into the fractured antique chair sitting next to me. Well, I got home and went to plug in the adapter to charge the headset, the adapter wasn't on my belt. I tore my poor little brown car apart looking for it--between seats, under seats, under mats, under stuff, in side pockets, between seat back and seat cushion, and so on and so joy. I finally decided to call the police at my work site and ask if they could check. Because parking is such a chore, I knew exactly what my space number was. They went and looked...I called back twenty mintues later; no joy.

It's got to be there somewhere, if not in the parking lot, than in the building or in one of the offices or meeting rooms I was in today--but hells bells, I went places today I don't normally go...normally I live underground, but today I visited both the first and sixth floors; heck, I can't even remember which bathrooms I might have used because my travel patterns were not ordinary...

Arrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!! This is going to drive me crazy--who knows if I can even replace the thing. The belt-clip/charger is a special one--it's molded to the model of headset, and you can't charge the headset without doesn't have a regular DC tip/ring receptacle, it's got three charging contacts that mate with counterparts in the slot of the charger/clip.

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHH!!! I hate hate hate losing things.

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