Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Dear Verizon Wireless [submitted via their web-site this morning]

I am very disturbed that you are eliminating the National Access Minutes of Use feature. This was a great way to mix my data and voice usage. My firm does not buy optional features on its phones--but they are willing to buy as many minutes as necessary to support our work.

When I changed phones, I was told I would be switched from Minutes of Use to kilobytes unless I opted for a data plan. This is completely unacceptable--I'm accessing data the same way I was on my old phone and PDA (dialing #777). The only difference now is that I'm not using a data cable--the PDA is integrated with the phone for PDA usage or I use a BlueTooth serial connection from my PC.

Why should I be charged both differently [and more] for upgrading to a new phone? This feels like I'm being discouraged from upgrading. I would think that Verizon wouldn't want the liability of continuing to support many-years-old phone models.

I'm extremely disappointed. Perhaps this is an honest mistake; I'm thinking your may have traded in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for a CEM (Customer Elimination Management) product? Please check with your CRM might want to run this note by your management while you are at it.

Bottom Line: I would like the National Access Minutes of Use feature restored to my line and any "per-kilobyte" charges that may have accrued to date since my phone upgrade reversed.


--Pete Thomas

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