Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Games Night at our place [Wharton, NJ], this Friday Night. RSVP here, by e-mail, or phone.

The "Bottom Line, Up Front":

  • What:   Games Night
  • When:  Friday, March 4th 2005
  • Where: Pete and Pam's house, directions below
  • Who:    You—feel free to invite other friends, too
  • How:    Tell me you are coming, then show up.
  • Why:    To relax, have fun, and play some games.

The first Games Night was a great success; thank to the attendees.  We had some dinner, and then got down to the games.  We played Taboo brought by S.A, Guillotine contributed by P.N., and C.C.'s offering, Apples to Apples.  The exact games will depend on who shows up, what they bring, and what everyone feels like playing.  I have some quirky card games, Illuminati, MouseTrap, and I'm sure there are others if I dig around the house--others are welcome, bring 'em along.  As you can see from this week's offering, I didn't even have to reach for my game shelf—we had a great selection brought by our guests.


A few people told me they had problems making it out on a weeknight. As an experiment, Games Night this week will be Friday night, March 4th at 6:30 PM.  If you prefer Thursday nights, please let me know. I'll take input from everyone on whether Thursday, Friday, or another day works best.  Recognizing that no one day can work for everyone, I may alternate days.  Whatever day or days we settle on, my plan is to do Game Night every other week from here on out.


This week, we will start with dinner, for those who like, around 6:30 p.m.  You can either bring something or I can order delivery--if you are coming and prefer the latter, coordinate with me.  I'll place the order so it arrives around 6:30 rather than have everyone waiting around for food.


The games will commence then or soon thereafter, and go until...well, until we feel guilty about staying up so late on a work night and everyone goes home.


Your "Significant Other(s)" or friends are, of course, welcome.  Please let me know if we should expect you so I have a rough idea of how many chairs and tables I need to scrounge up.


We're looking forward to seeing you, if not tomorrow, then soon! Please let us know if we should expect you.  I’ll send directions, if you need them, when you RSVP.


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