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Games Night, Thursday, 10 Feb - A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life [My Flickr Photos]
February 8th, 2005
05:38 pm


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Games Night, Thursday, 10 Feb

The first Games Night at prettypammie's and happypete's will be this Thursday

When: Thursday, 3 Feb, 6:30 PM until everyone goes home or falls asleep.

What: The choice of game(s) will depend largely on the attendees and their preferences--could be Illuminati, could be LAN games, could be ShowBiz Shuffle, could be MouseTrap, who knows! All that can be said for certain is that there will be people and there will be fun. Some people have volunteered to bring games--that's just fine; don't be put out if you bring a game and we don't play it--what we play will depend on who brings games, who wants to play what, etc.

Where: prettypammie and Pete's house, Wharton, NJ [directions will be sent to attendees, as needed--let me know if you need them when you tell us you are attending]

Please Do:

  • Bring food if you like, or work out a take-out order with me and other guests
  • Bring children if you like--the house is largely child-friendly, and we can re-erect the baby-gates quite easily, if needed
  • Bring your own games
  • Tell us that you are coming by phone, e-mail,

Please Don't:

  • Bring anything illegal
  • Bring your pets--or at the very least not without talking to us about it, first

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