Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Hey, y'all...we're on the way home.

We're on our way back to Joisey! I didn't get to do any socializing in town this week...prettypammie and I were Mr. and Mrs. Workaholic--but it was an incredibly productive week. We work with a great team, HPTi folks, other contractors, and our government clients and colleagues.

On the way back I almost got lost--ended up driving to Union Station via the Key Bridge and M St instead of Constitution. I keep explaining to prettypammie that cities like D.C. are predominantly Grids--so if you know, for example, that you want to get to 3rd & H Streets, NW, and you're at M and 31st, it's actually not that hard. I went most of the way via K St, since it's pretty big and doesn't have any interruptions for a long way.

At long last, Thursday night is GAMES NIGHT at our place! Interest and attendance poll will be upcoming.

We used our select perks to upgrade to business class and get a freee stay in the ClubAcela lounge--usually only for the 1st class set. Free snacks, free drinks, free internet, nice couches, friendly staff to tell you when your train is there, a dedicated ticket agent...definitely the way to travel.

Now I'm connected via VZW, using those free weekend minutes. Time to write some code.

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