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Gaming @ Arisia - A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life [My Flickr Photos]
December 6th, 2004
04:56 pm


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Gaming @ Arisia

On further reflection, I'd best not commit to running a gaming session...can someone who wants to run Illuminati in an organized way e-mail gaming@arisia.org and tell them you are willing to take over my offer of running a planned Illuminati session and give them a block of time (since there were many conflicts with 10a-2p on Saturday) that works for you?

This is the detailed call for game-runners.

> 1. Your name and contact information. That's name, address, phone
> number and e-mail address.

a. The name of the game:  Illuminati
b. The system under which it's being run:  Base game w/o expansions except by consent of all players

c. A short description of the event:
They're all around us. Secret conspiracies are everywhere, and where can you find the only truth? Certainly not in the game of Illuminati. Fnord. It's a game of secret conspiracies battling for world control.
The phone company is controlled by creatures from outer space. The
Congressional Wives have taken over the Pentagon. And the Boy Sprouts
are cashing in their secret Swiss bank account to smash the IRS! Two
to six players compete to grab powerful groups and increase their
wealth and power. No ploy is too devious, no stratagem too low, as you
scheme your way to victory.

d. The minimum and maximum number of players you'll accept: 1 - 5 (+ me)

e. Level of experience desired: Prefer players who have played at least once

f. Materials required: none

3. The date and time slot of the event:  must not conflict with any
GoH or con major events . Saturday morning (10a-2p) is a good bet.

4. Preferred table type: round or square

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