Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

I almost forgot... [workout update from Sunday]

I lost my little paper with the exact calories, distance, etc., but my Polar watch told me it was 79 minutes of intense aerobic fun, at an average of 159 bpmincluding warm-up, transition from the treadmill to the elliptical, and cool-down. Nearly 1,100 calories burned. Some ridiculous number of miles run--including one "real" treadmill mile before I switched. I need to build up my impact-hardening--the elliptical spoils you for actual running. No, I did not pig out afterwards, either. prettypammie and I had a nice sensible, balanced dinner. (Okay, I did kill a few Pringles after I went shopping, later--but I didn't scarf the can like I might have done in a past life. Have you looked lately? Scarfing a can of Pringles--900 calories. Sort of defeats the purpose of the big cardio workout, eh? Eh.)

I was really flying on the elliptical. For a few minutes towards the end of the session I was sustaining (i.e. without feeling O2 deprived or like I was really doing anything but simply pushing my performance limits) 180a bpm at 70 rpms and a few bars on the effortmeter (I had to tune my THR up to this silly level to keep it from dropping the resistance in an attempt to lower my heart rate to something more sane]. That works out to 12 METS, nearly 1,200 calories/hour at that rate. I started to notice people making that subtle "I'm not looking at your screen on purpose but just happened to see your numbers and DAY-UM" look. You know the look I'm talking about. Yeah, I used to be the dazed cardio newbie giving those sweating bio-machines on the ellipticals to either side of me those looks. Now they come and go with their 20 minutes "the A.H.A. made me do it" sets, while I rock on.

Damn I sound arrogant...I shall stop. No I won't. I have crossed over. I am Kirk's Evil Twin. Mwahahahahahahaha!

Okay, nice happypete will come back tomorrow and post some of those promised testimonials.

aIf I recall from high school (or was is college?) health class, my maximum heart rate is 220 - 34 = 186 bpm. I probably shouldn't hold 180 for too long. Hrm...that page says it's a little more complicated than that...but still.

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