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Workout hangover

I had to go to Quinn's swimming class feeling like I needed a little "hair of the dog." Last night was 1 hour, 1 minute, and four secondsa on the elliptical, at an average of 153 bpm target, for a total of 914 calories and 7.9 pseudo-miles.

There was one problem--I had not had my usual quota of water, and I ended up substantially dehydrated. I didn't feel too bad last night--yay endorphins. This morning I had a classic "hangover" headache and felt like bottled, pickled death...thank goodness prettypammie is home!!! She got Quinn dressed and breakfastd. I could have done it--but it would have sucked rabbit testes.

Crazy week, much to say--later when I have time, energy, and inspiration. Party for Quinn's class-mate tomorrow. Pam has plans for me this afternoon, I think.

I need to upload passels of pics--it's been months; Pam and I are way behind.

a Interrupted for a few minutes at 41:04 to go to the baby-sitting room to handle a little bathroom emergency. Things happen.

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