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Expensive mistake

Well, when I was travelling down to DC, or after I got there, I seem to have misplaced my return ticket. Full fare Acela. Bottom line is, I might as well have taken $147 and thrown it in the gutter--Amtrak will replace the ticket at the time of travel for $30...but if you think you've just mis-placed it and buy a new ticket, you're out of luck.

If I really can't find it, I can try to get AmEx to do a partial charge-back request. I hesitate to do that because, well, this is not a case of the merchant screwing up or not delivering me the promised service. Well, if you consider the travel to be the service, not the ticket, you might be able to argue the case. I'm pretty sure that Amtrak has themselves covered on that front somewhere in the "fine print." Bottom line: I got the ticket. I lost the ticket. I bought another ticket. All Amtrak can be accused of is failing to inform me of the $30 replacement option-which I might well have taken as "insurance" against my not finding the original ticket after all.

* sigh *

Back to re-tracing my steps from end-to-end.

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