Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Someone at Dell must be listening to the concerns about customer service...

After several months of struggles with a balky laptop, Dell has finally declared my laptop not repairable. They will be sending me a replacement.

Since they no longer manufacture the 8200, I'll be getting an 8600c.

While they're at it, I'll have to see about adding a few things--like internal wireless--that I didn't go for on the 8200...I'm hoping they'll let me tweak what they come up with as an exchange with some add-ons at cost. Not sure about the warranty--do I have to buy CompleteCare again, or do I get the remaining period from this system, or do I get a brand new three years? My guess is the middle option.

Pretty exciting, eh. Even better, work is sending me a loaner to use for the 4-6 weeks I'm waiting on the new system--so now my only real challenge will be backing everything up and not losing anything crucial.


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