Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

After some requests...

I am transcribing the "infamous" shoe story from Pam's journal (without the comments)...

I still think it's okay to ask Pam for access--asking never hurts, right?

Two left shoes...
What is it about a man? You can feed him, dress him, wipe his nose [ed. note: I wipe my own nose, you saucy wench!] , and he still manages to get out of the house with the wrong shoes. In happypete's case, he got out of the state with the wrong shoes; in fact, he appears to have taken two right shoes on his business trip.
After I packed everything for him. And told him all he had to do was add his shoes to the suitcase.



[yay--free wireless in the hotel...taking a break after checking in before going to catch up with the gang]

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