Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Day 1:

Found flyingwolf, found elorie, got foood; Quinn played with young lady of 2, name of Cassidy--very cute. except they were loud--mostly Quinn was loud--and disturbed the denizens of the Club Lounge. Downstairs at First Night (run by the amazing and talented chaneleh), we found belly dancers, games, a lovely balloon animal-maker named Megan (pronounced with a long "e". Soon we found--and hugged--c1. He was crewing the Castle Bounce. Quinn bounced.

At the Combined Columbus/Japan in '07 party room, the bartender was handing out enough Sake to kill people with one drink--he was filling the plum wine glasses like a shot, and pouring the Sake like a full glass of wine.

We saw Ian. We sat with erik_j_meyer, and spouse and friends. A very nice ex-pat over from London named Liz sat and chatted with her. Dale and...eep...Paul...and....eep! I lost a name! Anyway, we talked and drank for a while. Then we went to the LJ/Blog party--this is probably not much of a surprise to anyone here, but having a blog just ain't that uncommon any more. It was crowded, loud, and hot. I did see Nancy Lebovitz--she might have my button order ready, but I have to check when the dealer's room opens.

I saw so many peolpe that I've missed--chanaleh, and apparently S & A from Atlanta are here, or so says rslatkin...I must find them!

Late, tired, more later.

Oh, yeah, I'll leave elorie to explain how we got completely lost in the Hynes convention center, and kept going up and down escalators and turning in the direction we thought went back to the hotel only to be faced with a dead end on every floor.

Oh, well, I mostly told it--but she'll do a better job.

  • Blending in

    When W gets back to us from Tennessee, this young pup will be joining us, becoming a Livestock Guardian Dog for the chickens.

  • Peeking out

    We're looking forward to meeting her, too.

  • New contact picture

    I think Pam's not trained to react to the back side of a phone the same way one responds to a camera.

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