Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Sports Camp...

I'll have the audio clip up tomorrow, I promise. Of course, he didn't say it as sweetly when I was recording him as what he did spontaneously...he was distracted by the iPaq in his face.. Sigh.

Convo with my mom:
[my mom]: how is our favorite train loving boy
[my mom]: fast asleep I hope
PLThomasVA: yep
PLThomasVA: and very happy
[my mom]: anything in particular or just life
PLThomasVA: he had sports camp for 1st time today
PLThomasVA: loooooooooooved it
[my mom]: what did he do?
PLThomasVA: baseball, it sounds like
PLThomasVA: and he was so happy to be on the list!
PLThomasVA: apparently they've been running sports camp all Summer
PLThomasVA: and I didn't realize
PLThomasVA: so every Wednesday, he's been told that he's not on the list
PLThomasVA: of course, he never SAID anything to me about it
PLThomasVA: until I asked him if he might like to do sports camp....
[my mom]: poor little boy -- probably didn't remember to tell you
PLThomasVA: then the whole story came out
PLThomasVA: yes, well he was VERY excited to be on the list today...
PLThomasVA: and he said it was his favorite time
PLThomasVA: and that he loved baseball the most...
PLThomasVA: I got some of it recorded in my iPaq<

Anyway, I'll transfer the file up and get it on the web server for everyone tomorrow...for now I'm REAALLLLLLLY tired...

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