Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

I'm so excited...

zarhooie or other artistically inclined friends o' mine, I need a "HappyPete, ÜberGeek" icon... My creaky old telephone and creaky old mobile phone, with a $60 cable (costing more than the street value of either device, I imagine) are now synchronizing over the Internet to get my e-mail.

Who needs a SmartPhone when you got Supply Net? Kudos to LJ-less Steve for the tip to this vendor...if there's a phone, PC, PDA, or GPS unit, among others, they have a cable to connect them (and power them).

Anyway, there are a few subtleties--the Pocket PC 2002 devices don't know about connecting at 230400, so you have to connect at 115200 which is slightly less than the theoretical max burst rate of the 1XRTT network of 115752 I have to dial my phone down to "Packet Middle" from "Packet High."

Anyway, bottom line: "It's goooood."

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