Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Weekend Report..

Well, it was a LiveJournal-y weekend. Saturday prettypammie, Quinn, and I basically slept. We did nothing. We watched a movie. It felt good. Sunday, goldlioness came over to spend time with us--she was a doll, and rotated laundry. We went to the water park while Pam went horsing--we spent all afternoon there. We were most careful with the sunscreen, and neither of us burnt--goldlioness had a little burn from the Mets game she went to on Saturday. This morning, godfatherur and drakenhart came over. godfatherur brought his XBox. We played muchly. Somewhere along the way goldlioness headed home, and prettypammie and drakenhart went to ride horses. We played all day, much to Quinn's amusement. Pam has now learned that finding a friend to come over with games is a good way to prevent whines about how long she spends horsing, leaving me home alone w/Quinn.

We did some more laundry and clean-up--I tried to avoid as much as possible, but missed. Went to the gym--hour and a half of calorie burning goodness...which is a good thing, because godfatherur and drakenhart brought DOUGHNUTS! Mmmmm...POINTS!!!

Gym report--kind of weak cardio--43 min at 158 bpm; 4.91 mi, 570 cal--I was tired and sweaty and I think still a little drained from all of the sun yesterday.

Quinn had a major blast--oh, before I forget--one scary moment. Quinn slipped getting out of the raft on the lazy river and went UNDER it, right in front of me and the life guard. The life guard said, and this is an exact quote: "Whoa. That's not good!" I reached under and fished him out--it felt like he was about 1/2 second from fishing himself out (yay for lots of swim lessons!), but he was most dis-pleased. Then, being Quinn, he got over it, and later wanted to ride the Lazy River again and again. Oh, they had race games at the lazy river, because it was July 4th, and why not. We had to walk against the lazy river's current as fast as we could. Quinn went twice...once w/me "assisting" (read: dragging) him around during the Kid's race. Then, he wanted to go with me, so I used him as "ballast" during the grown-ups' race.

No fireworks this year. I remember my home-town fireworks...I was on the street across the field from the Community center. One year when the wind was just right, a big--grapefruit-sized--ball of burned out incendiary landed almost at my feet. It was still hot and smoky. I think christilyn was there with us...I wonder if she remembers this?

Okay, bed-time for Pete!

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