Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Great night with the boy last night..

Quinn is just such a fun guy. Our neighbor, S, is a lifeguard at the Picatinny water park (aka Frog Falls). Her mom, K, a friend and coworker, told us yesterday morning that S was going to be working, and we should stop by and see her. So prettypammie packed up suits, towels, and earplugs for me and I picked it up from her after lunch. I left work a tad early, picked him up, and off we went to the park. First off, Quinn was so excited to be going to the water park--it always rubs off on me the joy he gets from "little things" (to grown-ups) that are really *big things" for him. We swam for an hour, and he wanted a break for a healthy dinner of hot dog, M&Ms, and a Blue Slushee ("Is my tongue blue, Daddy?"). Then, charged up on sugar, he continued to swim for another couple of hours. K showed up with her son R about an hour before closing, and R proceeded to play with us, chasing Quinn around. Quinn did lots of jumps. He was most indignant when I dodged his leap and let him splash into the water unassisted. Mean daddy, me!

In short, after nearly three hours in the pools, we, and exhausted. We bid farewell to K, R, and S at the exit, and K said that Quinn looked completely exhausted and that he'd probably fall asleep in the truck. I joked at S, who is a new driver, and was driving the gang home, about racing her...I ended up blowing past her on the right on the way home., and then she had to strruggle to get right because of all the other cars streaming behind me in the exit lane...lesson learned on NJ driving: "he (or she) who hesitates is lost." Gack. In three years here, I've become a Jersey driver.

Anyway, Quinn was so stoked about the first trip to the water park of the season that he was riding the high for another couple of hours at home before finally crashing hard and asking to be tucked in.

Did I mention that our big boy swam in his swimming class last Saturday and in the pool with no swim diaper--he even got out of the pool and asked me to go potty mid-swim (with a little prompting, after I saw him giving the universal boy toddler hand-sign for "I've got to go!"

Then I stayed up too late playing my new computer game. Gack.

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