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busy, busy weekend!

I'm getting my friends fix in for a while, because class and proposal season are both getting silly about now and I may not be able to do this much for a while.

Sa (raq_ani) joined us for Shabbat--well, she observed it, and among other things kept me company as I slogged through 3 feet of old papers that needed dealing with, reconciling, paying, filing, that sort of thing. She stayed through today--and today, building things was not "right out" so she and prettypammie helped me finish Quinn's playset. Woo! It's only been a month.

Quinn was THRILLED!

Now M'ia (flyingwolf) has joined us. She and Sa know each other from the Bucconeer iLounge, and other cons after that. It's all nightbear's fault, when you get down to it, but that's another story.

So anyway, she arrived, Munched food--she was hungry after a 6 hour motorcycle ride--got to visit briefly with Sa before I had to take Sa to her train back to the city.

We got Quinn to bed--his big boy bed tonight--but Quinn was not interested much in staying in it. If he pops up one more time, it's in the crib he goes.

Off to pay attention to our guest! Later, gentle readers!

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