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Yeah...but can your girly XX chromosomes do this:

specifically: 53 minutes (go look at prettypammie's LiveJournal to see why I didn't complete the 10 minute cool-down that the machine proposed), 434 calories, 3.88 miles running on the treadmill...I used my cool Polar telemetry strap gizmoid to keep myself at the 150 HR target, but in the last couple minutes, I felt good (except for this chafing I was feeling), so I sprinted at nearly double the pace I had been my overall pace was a 13:49 minute mile. Not too shabby, but I'll get better.

Gonna stick to the X-Trainer the rest of the week: (a) haven't bought running shoes yet, (b) the chafing, the HORRIBLE chafing

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    photognome died of heart failure yesterday. I don't have words right now.

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