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I got a letter from libidoergosum... - A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life [My Flickr Photos]
May 23rd, 2004
03:29 pm


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I got a letter from libidoergosum...
yep, the old-fashioned kind...He's kicking butt in Basic Training. In not too long, he'll be going to tech school. pen and paper in an envelope. Now, those of you who know me may fall over in shock to find out that his letter was in response to my Actual Paper Letter...okay, so I laser-printed everyhing but the signature and p.s., He was most amused to hear that the USPS address matching system had a hard time with his address...he enclosed four actual stamps for real letters...

He mentions in passing that "with the way things are going in Iraq" he'll almost certainly be "going to war." Well, join the Army, I guess that can happen--I just hope he comes out of it healthy and whole...

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