Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Freaky dream...

Okay, so let's see how much of this weird dream I can remember...I was parked at some big truck stop-like place, it was huge--big kitchen, big store, lots of hallways. For some reason, one of my high-school class-mates happened to be there. She was having trouble parking and scraped my vehicle up, badly, twice, while I was sitting in it. She looked like she was about to drive away--but then we made eye contact and recognized her. I yelled something like "Minh, you hit me!" She stopped, and then recognized me. Her name, although this is not the name of any of my class-mates was (get this, Vietnam War buffs) "Ho Chi Minh." Oh, I had to get money from the ATM before this happened, and there were three ATMs from three different banks. The first two claimed I didn't have enough money, or some other error...The third one discharged money from my account, but some bills got caught half in and half out of the slot. I called the manager to complain, but as he was coming over, I pulled the partially loose money out, and found that it had successfully discharged an extra $50 bill (I know, ATM's only give out $20s; it's a dream...get over it) over what I had I tucked it in my wallet and told the manager that I got my money, but he should have someone check the machine out before anyone else used it. Okay, done with the flashback, back to the main plot...anyway, we went through the whole drill of exchanging information, and I called the cops, too, because she had looked like she was about to run. I had to go to the bathroom at some point, and I came back. When I came back, the cop was there, and she had filled out an accident report--I looked at it, and Minh had shaded things so that it looked like one of the two impacts had been my fault. I took the police woman aside, and explained that I had been parked in my car, and showed her from the geometry, etc., that it couldn't have possibly been my fault even if I had been moving. She amended the report. I told Minh it was nice to see her, but she should drive more carefully. As I was leaving, a State Farm representative pulled up in a white Jeep, and told me she needed to talk to Minh because there were errors on her application for insurance and she hadn't given her Social Security Number, and they saw this claim on her policy the same day she got it; I pointed Minh out to her and she headed that way.

At that point, I woke up.

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