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William Gibson's latest was a serious page-turner....I'm sure I annoyed prettypammie, taking it with me everywhere. I read it to sleep. I read it in the morning. I read it in the car--in the back seat, while she drove. This may have contributed to the migraine-esque (I say migraine-esque because true migraine sufferers would probably just call it a "pretty bad headache") pain-in-my-head.

So any-hoo, it's a great read--and because Gibson set it in the "near-present," it's classified as fiction as opposed to "Science Fiction." One of the things I felt as I read it was that so many things that were "staples" of science fiction stories of my youth are routine today. If you think about it, about the only thing we don't have are:

  1. "peace on earth" and a benevolent world government;
  2. crewed travel between star systems--or even planets and moons;
  3. "fix anything" health-care
  4. universal prosperity; elimination of poverty
I'm sure I could think of others...we do have:
  1. enormous access to information, on demand;
  2. near-instantaneous message communication
  3. "personal communicators" [beam me up, Scotty]
Anyway, he made use of these elements, as well as his usual whip-saw travelling characters...As his protagonist puts it, she feels like her soul is constantly trailing behind her, unable to keep up with transonic jets, only to be reeled in by her body. What an interesting description of jet lag, eh?

Okay, in other news of the night--Quinn was so into his computer game that he urinated on the floor...d'oh! He then complained of a hurting stomach and followed our suggestions to try a little potty-time. Yay! Poop! In the potty! I have mentioned I don't like poopy diapers, right? Well I don't like poopy training potty bowls, either--but I managed to dump and rinse successfully without ralphing. Go me.


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