Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Really whoo!

I ran a was Hot! Damn hot! (and sticky!) I got a free T-Shirt. I ran it in an embarassing 35:09, 20 seconds faster than the first place walker. (There were definitely "runners" behind me though, not too many)...

Quinn, prettypammie, and I, as well as coworkers such as leem0r (and his girlfriend angel_blue_eyes), khavren, and LJ-less R, S, E...

Oh, there's much more I want to say, but Quinn wants my attention--which he's had a lot of today--he was with me all day from lunch on at Picatinny's Armed Forces Day celebration.

  • Farewell

    photognome died of heart failure yesterday. I don't have words right now.

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