Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

If you don't see a lot of me online in the next few days...

...please don't worry. I've finaly taken the advice--sometimes near pleading--of such fine fellow professionals as prettypammie and leem0r and slicked my box.

There will be much restoring of applications and data in the coming days and weeks--but then when I'm done, I'll have a pristine, OEM-approved OS install. Before, there were no doubt "legacy" traces of the original much upgraded and abused Windows 98 install from my laptop acquired in 1999...That box went from 98 to 98se to 2000 to XP Pro--possibly by way of an XP beta, IIRC--and was then backed up with system state from my previous 7500 and restored to my brand new 8200...Yes, XP managed to recover from this "brain transplant" but it really hadn't been right on the 7500.

It's been steadily down-hill ever since.

I'm typing on the new install, and I can just feel the "spring" in its's like the processor is saying "free at last, free at last!"

Now, you will all have to remind me not to kludge it up with lots of beta bits and unneeded code. This is my "production" machine, after all.

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