Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Jamie rocks...

Went running this morning. Really running. At 0-dark-thirty (well, actually right before 6). Jamie is training for a marathon this Saturday, so she has light runs this week. Her light is about all I can take--today was three miles. It's VERY different running on asphalt, with hills, outdoors. We had a good talk, and I was both tired and awake. I had to run an errand for prettypammie, and then it was off for another day of worky-worky.

Speaking of worky-worky, welcome khavren to the HPTi family. Hope you enjoy. He's working for prettypammie supporting her client in our newly expanded role.

Tonight I went to the gym, did my weights. [big flex--raaaaaaaaarrrr]. Had a little more time, so I got on the cross-trainer and powered out 3.8 pseudo-miles. Much sweatiness.

Now I am completely beat.

leem0r is here. We must code. We are d00m3d. No, scratch that. We will prevail.

Quinn had an amazing day--he came home with a "Smile Gram." Today he went to the bathroom at Little Learner all day long. What a good boy!!!

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